Spect8 OTT

Content isn’t everything. Your audience is.

SPECT8 OTT provides data overlay features and interactive widgets that help to keep audiences engaged.

Broadcasters that can deliver multi-engagement functionality on one screen are going to be delivering what fans want.

Provide a fan-focused viewing experience with data overlays

Presenting relevant data and real-time statistics at the right time through engaging visualisations drives retention rates and attracts new viewers.

Drive engagement at key moments during your broadcast

A mix of entertainment and interaction widgets keep your viewers engaged over the length of the event.

Polls, live quizzes, etc. can be sponsored and presented by sponsors.

Add rich conversation tools to get people talking

Public and private chat forums and real-time commenting widgets generate meaningful connections between your viewers based on content they truly care about. Make the most of their appetite for social interaction!

Transform regular content of all genres into interactive content

Reality Shows

Add value to every interaction your viewer has with your content

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Incentivize viewing time, engagement, activity

Give Points

Offer rewards to redeem

Understand your audience

Look beyond the general audience data you have by collecting data from all on-stream engagement tools and content.


Measure your stream performance by comparing engagement, chat activity, viewing time and monetization.

Monetize your viewers

Earn money with contextual advertising or unique sponsor integrations built around interaction and authenticity.
Create new revenues streams with transaction-only experiences by enabling paid polls for viewers to influence the live broadcast.

We provide easy integration on iOS, Android and web

Bring your viewers closer to the action with flexible and adaptable online-streaming features

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